September 28, 2018

Great Service
These guys are great. Always prompt and get the job done. Thank you Ark Restoration for a job well done!!

Donna Partridge Baldwin
September 28, 2018

We used ARK Restoration last year when we had water damage that caused extreme mold to ceilings, walls, furniture, etc. They came in immediately & began to set up humidifiers, fans, etc. to start the process. They worked closely with our insurance company & were able to get full payment for us as their knowledge of water/mold/mildew damage is greater than that of an insurance adjuster. They stored our personal belongings in a climate-controlled storage facility & cleaned our belongings, returning them in even better condition before the damage. Those unable to be cleaned satisfactorily.....again, they worked with the insurance company & fought for us to get what we deserved. They removed the mold/mildew in our home with safe, environmental products & arranged testing before & after the cleanup. Their knowledge of construction, mold/mildew effects, insurance company policies & procedures, etc. is unsurpassed. What started off as a complete nightmare & extremely stressful event was lessened as a result of ARK's professionalism, knowledge, care, concern, quality work & desire to put their customer FIRST to achieve complete satisfaction with their services. I pray I never have damage such as this again, but if we did, I would not hesitate to contact Justin & Doug/ARK to provide us with the same quality services & care for our home. Thankful we have a company of this caliber in our area! Blessings for ARK Restoration!

Christina Narvaez
September 28, 2018

Ark Restoration is a wonderful company with an amazing team. Over the years they have entrusted them to provide exceptional service to our clients and we have never been disappointed.

September 28, 2018

Water Mitigation - Document Everything With Photo's
We had a flood in our home on 6/25/17 -FIRST - My Advise to anyone facing restoration from a flood, fire, smoke..... STOP RIGHT NOW AND Take pictures in every single room, in every single closet, in every single cabinet at all angles.... In every china cabinet...... at the time of the incident. This will be your back up for items as they need to be reported to your insurance. I did this as a "reaction to the overwhelming feelings of disbelief and trauma" the morning of our flood. I am so happy I did this! It wasn't thought out, only a reaction to the trauma. No one remembers what you have in your home after years of "collection" of personal items. If you have photo's then this can be reconstructed without emotion. ((We are still traveling "The Flood of 2017 Journey" and final review and rating for all aspects of ARK will come at the end.))The team that came out on June 25, 2017 to mitigate the thousands of gallons of water that flooded our home.... were amazing! We were so grateful for their expertise and quick reaction to the water that flooded our home. We tell everyone that what they did that day was beyond belief, swift and professional. We were grateful the team was on site within 3 hours of the initial call from a friend to Justin.That was step 1 of this trauma. Almost 90% of our home and most of our furniture was damaged due to the excess water that flooded down from the 3rd floor to the main level and into the basement. It was so overwhelming. Blowers were in place to start the drying process .... the first day and others before the end of the 2nd day. GREAT team for the water remediation!Fast forward..... It has now been 6 + months of demolition/reconstruction..... (still not finished) to just get us sleeping back at our house, and out of the Hotel. (we moved back to our house Dec 20th) the team that came out to assist us with a little bit of unpacking the Friday before Christmas.... were also amazing. Juan and his team are very kind and helpful. We love them!There are other aspects of this Journey that have hit a couple "bumps in the road", due to outside events that weren't in anyone's control. We are almost at the END of this journey, with the end hopefully in sight..... but no prize yet. Again, we are grateful for Justin and his team that came out the day of the flood to mitigate the water that damaged our home on all 3 floors. Blessings to each person that helped that day.My final and complete review for this "very long journey" ..... will be done when this job is complete and the lock box is off my front door. =) Water Mitigation process from ARK **** Five Star ****AGAIN my advise after living through this traumatizing event..... take pictures, take pictures, take pictures each day and all along your journey, it helps on the timing of the events and life changing event. Pictures every step of the way!!! Prayers for anyone that has had to go through this type of event.