Water Restoration

At the heart of every water damage job we do is a family or business in need. Water damage can be devastating which is why we at ARK Restoration are here ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Water damage to your property from a leaking pipe or appliance, a sewage backup, or flooding is a serious problem. The longer that the water continues in the property, the vaster the damage that it can cause.  As soon as the source is determined the quicker we can start the drying process.

Another consideration is the cleanliness of the water this is a key factor in how the damage is cleaned up and what additional repairs may be necessary.

Quick response to water damage is crucial to limiting the cost and difficulty of the remediation and restoration of the property.

An additional concern in water damage is the potential for mold growth.  Mold can lead to health problems and further damage to your property.

  • Water Extraction Service – Whether due to a small leak or a heavy flood, water needs to be removed from your home or business.  Often times a small leak seeps into flooring or other unseen places.  It is our job to make sure every area is water-free to prevent further damage and mold.
  • Mold Prevention – The mold prevention process really starts with the water extraction process.  After water is extracted and the area is dry, it is cleaned to make sure mold is unable to grow in the area.
  • Structural Drying – Once water is removed, the drying process begins.  ARK Restoration uses dehumidifiers and high quality drying machines to dry anything that can be saved.  

FIRE Restoration

When a disaster strikes such as a fire it can be a very devastating incident.

In times of emergency ARK Restoration is here to help get your home back to normal while you recover. With a simple phone call we can be on the way to begin the process of repairing your home or business

Many people see the obvious damages caused by he flames, but many people are unprepared for the amount of smoke damage that is caused in a fire. When a fire gets out of control within your home it produces an extreme amount of smoke that gets trapped within your home and belongings. The soot and smell of the smoke can almost be as damaging as the actual fire in the amount of damage caused to the building. We at ARK can help assess the amount of smoke and fire damage to your home and begin to quickly restore your life back to normal.