How long does it take to repair water damage?

Dry out will depend on the extent of the damage and saturation, and how long the property has been exposed to water. It usually takes from 2 to 3 days to dry an average home but if property has been exposed for an extended period of time, it could take as long as 5 days

If I filed a claim do I have to wait for an adjuster to come out before I call you?

No, most polices require you to do whatever you can to stop further damage.

Do I have to leave my home during the restoration?

If the property damage doesn’t require a lot of reconstruction, you can stay in your home or office. However, the equipment we use during the drying process can be noisy. And it creates a lot of air movement which may be considered as unlivable or unworkable conditions. If the bathrooms in your office, or the kitchen in your home are a part of the damaged area, check with your insurance company for reimbursement of alternate living expenses or business continuity expenses until the restoration job is complete.

Can Water Damage Cause Mold?

Water damage is the leading cause of mold growth. Mold, like other bacteria needs water to grow. Remove the moisture and water, and  you stop the mold from growing. It takes moisture and warm temperatures for mold to grow.

What is involved in a crime scene clean up?

Crime scene clean up involves carefully assessing the situation to determine the best way to remove effected items without endangering life now and in the future.

Items such as carpet, walls, flooring, furniture, wallpaper, etc. are removed and disposed in proper red bio-hazard bags and disposed at a federal- and state-regulated site for disposal. Using a dumpster is against the law. State and federal laws require that a bio-hazard clean up company store records of who and where items were disposed of, and those store those records should be stored for a minimum of 30 years.